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You Make the Call!
Test you Understanding of the Rules & Their Interpretations

At a dual meet two Wrestlers of The Green Team raise their right hand in a fist while the National Anthem is being played over the PA System.  After the Anthem, the Official notifies the Coach of the Green Team of the Unsportsmanlike Conduct violation and deducts 2 Team Point from the Green Team.  The score of the dual meet starts with the Red Team ahead by two points.  Is this the proper handling of this situation?


See the answer below.







NO! The OHSAA has notified all Official in all Sports that this is not in our purview as Officials.  If there is any violation of School Policy, it is the School's responsibility to to enforce their Regulations.  Sports Officials have no responsibility nor enforcement capabilities in this instance.  See the message sent to all Officials by the OHSAA, copied below.

This message is being sent to all OHSAA officials in regards to the recent trend of players kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. As officials, you are there to officiate. It is not within the purview of officials to make judgments on the personal, social, or political opinions of any player or coach. It is neither proper nor warranted for officials to express their pleasure or displeasure with how players act during the national anthem.

As OHSAA officials, it is our expectation that you stand and face the flag during the national anthem. Athletes and coaches have their expectations set by their school. These expectations set by the school are not within the official’s purview.


The OHSAA Officiating Department


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