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Wrestling Rules Changes - 2014-15

5-1-1: Bad time was clarified to include the situations where the wrong wrestler was given choice of position at the start of the second 30-second tiebreaker or the start of the ultimate tiebreaker.

10-2-9: Further clarification was given to which wrestler advances into the consolation bracket when both wrestlers simultaneously cannot continue in the championship bracket. This rule change further clarifies which wrestler will advance into the consolation bracket when points have been scored in the match.



Mat Area Diagrams; 4-2-1; 4-3-1a; 5-1-2; 5-18; 6-6-2; 8-1-1; 9-2-2b; 11-1-4 NOTE (NEW); WRESTLING REFEREES’ SIGNALS – 26 (NEW), 27 (NEW).



1. Avoiding Wrestling and Encouraging Wrestling in Center of Mat
2. Preventing False Starts from Creating Injuries – Preventive Officiating
3. Hair Coverings
4. Cleaning Wrestling Mats and Wrestling Equipment
5. Authority/Responsibility of the Off-Mat Referee to Call Flagrant/Unsportsmanlike Conduct

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